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 We recruit executives for the Health Care market segments such as Pharma, Biotech, Medical Technology, Diagnostics, Hospital Products and OTC.

Here are a few typical examples:

CEO, COO, President, Vice President,
Managing Director,
Country Manager, General Manager, Head of Division,
International Marketing Director, Marketing Manager,
Business Unit Manager, Head Product Management,
Group Product Manager, Area Manager, Export Manager,
Sales Manager, Project Leader, Head R+D,
Head Manufacturing, Head Pharmaceutical Technology,
Head QA/QC, Medical Director, Medical Adviser,
Head Clinical Research, Clinical Research Associate,
Head Biometrics, Head Epidemiology, Head Regulatory Affairs,
Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, Head Documentation,
Head Validation, Manager Business Development,
Licensing Manager, Head Finance, Head Human Resources,
Head Information Technology etc.

About two thirds of these positions are for international posts and one third for national functions.

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