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Expertise and efficiency

Excellent reasons to work with us!

The life science and health care recruiting market follows its own characteristic rules. Technological complexities and at times high hurdles regarding regulations place special challenges on personnel consultants concerning the search for suitable candidates. We understand the potential pitfalls, continually update our branch knowhow and confidently handle sensitive situations.

Many years´ experience in a complex market

Thanks to over 30 years advisory experience and our laser-sharp focus on the health care and life science branches, we understand the market in all its complexities and know which nuances are important concerning the search for suitable candidates. Our organically grown and deep branch understanding is an important success factor when we search for suitable candidates for our clients.

High quality contacts

Over time we have assembled a unique international network of executives and specialists. The concentration on our core branches allows us to carefully look after existing relationships, gather insider knowledge and continually add new contacts with highly promising perspectives to our database.

Discreet and direct

Absolute discretion is mandatory regarding candidate development in the health care and life science sectors. Based on our experience, we target the most eligible candidates from our pool and speak with them directly. This reinforces our outstanding reputation as an efficient and trustworthy recruiting partner – both now and in the future.

Clearly defined advisory processes

Our processes when choosing eligible candidates correlate to the actual requirements at hand. We utilize the most modern assessment instruments and use professional methodologies concerning the evaluation of technical and social competencies. We supplement all of this by looking behind the scenes to determine the actual performance potential of a given candidate.

These qualities all combine to make working with PP Pharma Planing the key to sustainable, successful staffing.

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International Health Care Recruitment

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